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What kind of driver are you?

Take our comprehensive road safety quiz to find out.

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  • In Illinois, what percent of drivers arrested for DUI lose their driving privileges?

  • What substances impair your ability to operate a vehicle?

  • Drivers using hand-held devices are how much more likely to get into a crash?

  • What activities are considered distracted driving?

  • Approximately how many work zone crashes are there each year in Illinois?

  • What percentage of work zone fatalities are drivers or passengers?

  • What percentage of Illinois roadway deaths are pedestrians or cyclists?

  • It is the responsibility of the driver to follow right-of-way laws to keep pedestrians and cyclists safe.

  • Wearing a helmet in a motorcycle crash prevents a head injury by what percentage?

  • Motorcyclists deaths occur how much more frequently than deaths in other vehicle crashes?

  • Wearing seat belts can reduce risk of death or serious injury in a crash by which percentage?

  • Each year in Illinois, approximately what percentage of fatal crashes involve speeding?