Roadway safety is not a game.

There are no extra lives, no respawns, and no second chances to get it right.

What percent of motor vehicle fatalities in IL involve alcohol?
Scenario: You are running late for work and come across a work zone. How are you required to proceed?
How many roadway fatalities involve speeding as a factor?
How does marijuana use affect driving skills when behind the wheel?
Where do most motorcycle vehicle fatalities occur?
Which of these items creates a distraction while driving?
Which image demonstrates the safest way to wear a seatbelt?
What percentage of drivers involved in serious injury and fatal crashes tested positive for at least one drug?
You're running late for an appointment, how are you expected to react to this on the roadways?
You’re getting ready to make a turn at an intersection on a road where you’ve spotted a lot of motorcycles, what are you expected to do beforehand?
In Illinois, you are legally considered to be under the influence if you:
Which statement correctly describes the Illinois law about using electronic devices while driving?
When lanes are reduced due to road work, what should you do if the road is not heavily congested?
What percentage of the fatalities on Illinois roadways in 2022 occurred when individuals were not properly restrained or when no restraint was used?

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