Safer Drivers Save Lives.

Pedestrian Safety

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Every driver is a pedestrian at some point by making safe space for those on foot, we can help create a safe environment we will all benefit from when it’s our turn to cross.

Driver Checklist

Look out for pedestrians everywhere, at all times.

Use extra caution in low-visibility conditions.

Follow the posted speed limits.

Slow Down for Pedestrians

Increase your “speed” to see pedestrian risk.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

Share the Road

Left Turn Signal
Stop Signal
Right Turn Signal
Cyclists are pedestrians too! Keep an eye out for bicycles on the road and pay attention to any hand signals they may use to indicate their next move. Share the road safely with all pedestrians.

Bicycle Safety Tips

Always wear a helmet

Wearing a helmet reduces the chance of a head injury by 50%.

Obey traffic laws

Follow all roadway laws, signs and signals.

Stay on the right side

Keep on the right side of the roadway.

Use hand signals

Indicate to other road users when you are turning or stopping.

Keep both hands on the handlebars

Stay in control with both hands on the bike except to signal.

Avoid riding after dark

If you must, your bike must have a headlight and taillight or reflector.

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