Start Seeing Motorcycles.

Motorcycle Awareness

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Start Seeing Motorcycles

It’s important for drivers to understand the unique safety challenges faced by motorcyclists when out on the road. Most motorcycle fatalities occur at intersections, let’s do our part by staying vigilant and giving them the room and the attention they need to ride safely. At intersections, it’s especially important to be vigilant- as motorcycles may be harder to spot with traffic.

Know Your Blind Spots

Take an extra moment to check blind spots and mirrors, and always yield appropriately to motorcyclists to prevent accidents and ensure everyone stays safe on the road.

42% of fatal motorcycle crashes occur when a driver turns left without yielding to motorcyclists. If you are turning in an intersection, take a little bit of extra time to scan for all roadway users and proceed with caution.

Are you Ready to Ride?

The Cycle Rider Safety Training Program offers courses for riders of all skill and experience levels.

Motorcycle PPE Checklist

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